Failure is not an option – Apollo 13

KOSMICA invites you to join our space capsule at Ars Electronica! We are looking for artists, thinkers and visionaries to respond with a performative statement of your views on the historical flaws of outer space activities.


We believe that outer space is a territory that needs to be inhabited and explored in critical ways. Space is a black canvas that brings a unique opportunity for sketching new ideas as a consequence of failure. With KOSMICA Parliament we will create a series of thought-provoking events where the Ars Electronica participants and artists will join a collective discussion through art about the future we want to have beyond Earth’s orbit.


We need you!

You don’t have to be a space specialist to join us. Just follow these simple steps:


1. Think about things have gone wrong in outer space: rockets blowing, technological colonisation, lack of diversity in astronaut crews, space pollution, military activities in orbit and others.


2. Can you make a public statement of less than 10 minutes using your preferred artform? Every expression is welcome: video, audio, dance, performance, poetry and others. Note: You can also participate remotely by just sending us your files.


3. Send us your idea to no later than 30 August with the preferred date (from 5pm to 6pm on 6, 7, 8 and 9 September) and will schedule your participation. We will provide audiovisual equipment.